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From the East Bay area:  Travel north on 880 to connect with 580 and travel across the San Rafael-Richmond Bridge.  Continue on 580 until it connects with Hwy 101 North.  From this point it is approximately 1 1/2 hours north to Hopland.


From San Francisco, travel north on Hwy 101 to Hopland.


At Hopland, turn right in the center of town onto Hwy 175 east.  From this point, it is approximately 30 minutes over the mountain (very windy but two individual lanes the entire way and many places to turn out so the racer behind you can pass) to the top light at Lakeport where you connect with Hwy 29.  At this light, you will turn right and travel approximately 10 miles through One stop light and then turn right (3 more miles) at the next.  The local CHP station is on the corner.  This is Live Oak Drive.*


If you are coming south on Hwy 101, you will take the Hwy 20 east exit just before Ukiah.  You will travel for approximately 20 minutes to Hwy 29 just BEFORE the town of Upper Lake.  Her you will turn right and travel for 20 minutes, THROUGH two stop lights and turning right at the third.  This is Live Oak Drive.*


If you are heading SOUTH on Interstate 5, you will want to make a right hand exit onto Hwy 20 and head west at Williams.


If you are heading NORTH on Interstate 5, take the Hwy 20 exit and turn left to go up over Interstate 5 and head west at Williams.


follow this (Hwy 20) for 1/2 hour and keep your eyes open for Hwy 53 towards Lower Lake.  It is a left hand turn with no stop light or stop sign in your directions, so you really need to be paying attention.  You will travel 7 miles on Hwy 53 before you come to the intersection with Hwy 29 (KFC on the left, Tower Mart on the right). Here you will turn right and travel for 20 minutes through one stop light and then you come to a second one where you will turn left.  This is Live Oak Drive.*


*You will travel one mile and recognize a church on the left hand side.  Pass church and start looking for a large sign that says Finch Gardens.  We are just across the street.  Large lawn, yellow A-frame house.  YOU HAVE ARRIVED!



Directions to Finch Gardens

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